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Fan Fiction Free-For-All
A writing challenge community for those with short attention spans
Fic: What If (Supernatural) 
8th-Jul-2007 11:20 pm
SPN - Life
Title: What If
Author: hexicode
Table#/Prompt#: Table#3/Prompt#26 (amnesia)
Fandom/pairing: Supernatural, no pairing
Summary: Sam takes Dean’s hand, a gesture Sam would love to see his brother protest against. But Dean doesn’t pull away.
Rating: all ages
Warnings: none
Disclaimers: The characters and settings aren't mine. No profit is being made, this is for entertainment only.
A/N: Spoilers for 'In My Time Of Dying'.

The echo of footsteps and wheels on the tiles fade away. He’s sensed Dean the entire time, even before he’s realized it. A presence, an image just out of the corner of his eyes – it’s gone now. Sam can’t feel anything, past the bitter taste of fear in the back of his throat.

Time stretches and the knot in his stomach only tightens.

What if he’s gotten Dean back just to lose his brother? He’s done his research, as well as he could, without his laptop and with no car to drive to the nearest library. But he knows enough – cerebral oedema – Dean could be….

Sam pushes away the thought with force. Don’t think it, don’t even think it. Dean is going to be fine. He’s going to be pissed when he hears that the Impala is wrecked, but he’s going to be fine.

The wheels of the bed squeak again and he hears the nurse saying something about the test results, but he doesn’t care, his attention is all on Dean. Dean who looks horrible – the gash on his forehead in stark contrast against his pale skin – but so much better now that he’s breathing on his own.

Sam takes Dean’s hand, a gesture Sam would love to see his brother protest against. But Dean doesn’t pull away.


Dean’s eyes flutter open again and slowly, his gaze finds Sam’s.


Dean’s voice is rough, barely above a rasp and there is confusion and pain in his eyes, but Sam couldn’t be happier.


“He’s all right. Should I get him?” Sam asks and realizes John doesn’t even know yet that Dean is awake.

Dean fingers the gash on his forehead and a confused frown settles on his face.

“What happened?”

“You…” Sam begins, but stops himself immediately. Dean doesn’t need to be concerned about this now. He got away from the Reaper, and that’s all that counts, Sam tells himself, but he cannot quite purge the sinking feeling from his stomach.

“What do you remember?” Sam asks instead.

“Uh, we were in the car. Accident?”

“Yes, I’m sorry…” Sam bites his lip. He doesn’t want to tell Dean about the Impala yet. It can wait until Dean’s better, until he’s sure that his brother will be all right.

“How long?”

“Two days. You’ve been unconscious for two days, Dean.” Sam tries to keep the worry out of his voice, but realizes he’s failing miserably when Dean pulls his hand from his.

“Sam, what is it? Is it Dad?”

“No, no. He’s all right,” Sam tells him, wanting to forget about their argument which seems trivial now that Dean’s awake.

“Sam, what is it? What are you not telling me?” Dean demands, his voice gradually getting firmer, sounding more like the brother he knows.

“While…when you were…” Sam tries, starting and stopping himself again, not sure how to explain.

“Spit it out, Sam.”

“You told me a Reaper was after you,” Sam finally says.

Dean stares at him, clearly not understanding. The burden of answering is lifted when the doctor appears in the door.

The End
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