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Shadow's Secrets, Chapter 2 
7th-Oct-2007 05:37 am
Title: Shadow's Secrets Ch. 2
Author: Simone Black
Table #/Prompt #: Table #7, Prompt #1
Fandom/pairing: het/ Shadow (fem. fan), Peter Criss
Summary: Shadow gets taken to Peter's apartment so they can have sex when suddenly sonething happens
Rating: Mature
Warnings: sex and lots of preludes to sex
Disclaimers: This is a fictional work only. The band gives no permission/ is not involved with said story.

Standing in the subway line, I hugged his hips tightly with my thighs continuing to sing “Nothin’ To Lose”. He was laughing hysterically, but trying to keep his cool, screaming outrageously. I began to quiet down when we sat on a bench next to a man playing the blues. He slowly removed my top kissing from my waist line up my neck, and licking around my nipples like a good cat would.

“Sing it, baby,” he whispered in my ear.

“You got, got nothin’ to lose,” I panted loudly.

“Fuck this shit. I can’t compete with the two of you,” said our blues brother. He emptied his guitar case and gave all the money to Peter. I just laughed; it was the most fun I had in a long time.

“Keep singing, sweetie,” Peter begged as I was licking his neck and giving him small, soft kisses. He put the money in his back pocket and I could feel the hardness in his pants rubbing against my clit. I got down on my knees and began to unbuckle his belt. Smiling down at me with his dark eyes, I saw a cop poke him in the back with his baton. “What the…” he turned around, looking the guy in the eyes.

“Hey man, this is no place for something like this. Besides, the subway has arrived,” cop man informed us.

“Well, by Jove it is! Thank you so much!” I rolled my eyes. “C’mon honey, we can finish this later.”

Naturally the subway was packed. He parked his fine ass in between two people that wouldn’t move, so I sat in his lap, continuing to sing. Some guy came up to him freaking out, “Hey man! You’re Peter Criss! Can I have your autograph?”

“Hey man, yourself. Nice to meet you, but can’t you see I’m busy?” he pointed to me as I bent back to touch the floor, my voluptuousness almost falling out of my top. The fan walked away, muttering. “Ooh, baby! This is our stop,” he grabbed my hand and led me out into the street. I hopped on his back, rubbing my bare breasts on it. “Save it, save it,” he unlocked the door to his apartment. He dropped me on his bed and began to disrobe. His shirt off, muscles bulging, I knew I had to do something.

“Wait, wait. Let me,” I unbuckled his belt once again. Slowly moving my tongue around, I unbuttoned his top button. I grabbed his zipper firmly, with my teeth and pulled it down, revealing his hard, and nine-incher.

“Whoa,” his eyes rolled back, “where did you learn that?”
Disrobing myself, “It’s an old party trick.” I winked, writhing on my back.

“Leave your heels on,” he said turning me over. He pushed it in slowly, while the first KISS album was on high rotation. I moaned in exasperation, while he pumped it harder and harder. Jane was right. We were the perfect set-up. He rode me hard and put me down wet. “Damn, girl. How many times can you… ohh!”

I lay down with his arm around me, giving me small but intimate kisses, until I fell asleep. A couple hours later, I saw him standing in the doorway on the phone, “Jane, I swear it. She is so beautiful. I think I’m falling in love.” Oh my lord, are we thinking the same thing or what? I saw him write something down and stuff it in his robe.

I moaned, “Mmm, Peter! I love you.” and sat up in bed.

He spun around, “Oh… my… God!” He jumped in bed and wrapped his arms around me, “I love you, too.”
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