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Fan Fiction Free-For-All

A writing challenge community for those with short attention spans

Fan-Fiction Free-For-All
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Ever want to sign up for one of those "100/50/25/..." writing challenge communities, but not want to limit yourself to a single character, fandom, or pairing?

Simply want to tackle a table of writing prompts without having to "claim" anything or anyone, which would limit yourself too much or leave you feeling under pressure over losing your claim?

If so, this is the challenge community for you (or so we hope!)

The goal here is simple: write 50 stories inspired by prompts from one of our (currently) 3 tables.
- The stories can be any length from a drabble (100 words) to an epic.
- The stories can be any fandom--and you don't have to stick with just one.
- The stories can be any genre: gen, het, slash, horror, hurt/comfort...
- The stories can interpret the prompts however you chose to approach them: literally or more figuratively.
- You don't have to write the stories in the numerical sequence of the prompts...unless you really feel like it.

The only fiction we will NOT allow is anything with sexual content involving a minor character (no "chan" fic). This is also not a community for original fiction, although "AU"'s of media or RPF characters are just fine.

Stories must also be new fiction written specifically for this challenge. No going back through old stories already posted to find something that "fits." No combining multiple prompts into a single story.

All you have to do is choose one of the three prompt tables to tackle. Comment on the prompt post stating which table you wish to tackle, download a copy of the table for your own journal and record-keeping, and you're off! No time limits, no worrying about losing your "claim" if you don't write fast enough. All you have to do is get writing.

If by some miracle you finish your claim? Comment here where you first joined in with a link to your completed table, and the administrator will make you a special shiny banner. You'll also have the option of proposing a new table of 50 prompts for future challenges!


Fiction posting guidelines

When posting a story to the community, please use this template for header information.

Title: Please also put the title in the subject line of your post
Table #/Prompt # and description:
Fandom/pairing (if appropriate):
Rating: (MA for mature audiences only, G for general audiences is fine, or use the G/PG/R/NC-17 system if you wish)
Warnings: not required but up to your discretion
Disclaimers: as appropriate for either your media-derived fanfiction or a real person fiction disclaimer. ALL STORIES MUST CONTAIN A DISCLAIMER.

Cut and paste the following for handy reference:

Actual story text should be behind an lj-cut or as a "fake cut" back to your own journal - your choice.

Fiction posts can be locked to this journal, but if linking back to your own journal or elsewhere please make sure they are un-locked there (or else the admin may not be able to one day check that you've completed a table!)


General etiquette/rules

1. As this is a community that will feature adult-oriented fiction, for everyone's peace of mind and security it is intended for adults only. I don't have the time to check after every person who joins in here, but please don't be an idiot and talk about being underage in the community. Doing so will get you booted out & banned quickly. We will work on the assumption that by joining this community, you are confirming that you are of age to read adult materials as determined by your local state/country/etc.

2. Constructive criticism and feedback are greatly encouraged. Flames and general rudeness are not.

3. On-topic posts only. Off-topic posts including community promos not approved by the moderator will be deleted.

4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If plagiarism is suspected, report it to the moderator and the situation will be investigated.

5. Other questions, concerns? Contact the admin: sidewinder

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